Display Guidelines and Ideas


  • Setup begins the Saturday before the event and ends at noon on the opening night of the event.
  • Please be patient for your site number as they are assigned only several days prior to the event so proper spacing can be achieved. If you do not receive your number the Saturday prior to the event please make sure you check your spam folder of the email address you provided during registration.
  • Each space is roughly 40 ft long
  • We ask that each space is holiday themed and appropriate for all ages. We also ask that each display spread holiday cheer for the benefit of our community (please no vulgar language, no politics, no discrimination, etc.)
  • Extension cords are your responsibility. We will not allow light duty ungrounded extension cords (little white and brown ones). On opening day we will use main breakers to control & turn on the sites. Please do not use timers or daylight sensor switches.
  • Secure your displays to the ground using metal rods, wooden stakes, and/or counterweights. Please understand that the ground can be frozen during setup and driving stakes can be difficult.
  • If there is a problem with your display we will attempt an on the spot fix. If we cannot properly or safely fix your display we will contact you to discuss options. We ask that you never attempt to fix your display while the event is opened as this poses a potential safety risk.
  • Please be aware of the weather, as there can be ice &/or snow that can create slippery conditions. So, be sure to watch your footing as you set up your display.
  • See our Tips and Tricks section for more ideas

Have fun and be safe!

Tips and Tricks

  • Use a trailer! This is an easy way of building a site. Construct your display in your garage and tow it over! Most floors on trailers are wooden which makes securing your display quick and easy!
  • Zip ties and tape! Make sure to have electrical tape to secure your electrical connections from the elements and zip ties are great for holding things together when screws are not an option.
  • Avoid inflatable decorations if at all possible. Ice and snow can damage these. We do our best to clean them off each night but these tend to be broken by the end of the event. The wind also knocks them over constantly.
  • Avoid using banners without a solid backing.
  • Cinder blocks and tube sand are great at holding!
  • Lisbon Beach is very windy. Please remember to keep that in mind when designing/building your display.