Display Guidelines

Display Information Guidelines

Lights on the River would first like to thank you for being a part of our event.  We hope to provide the information and guidelines that you will find below to help in creating a beautiful display that will withstand the North Country weather.

During the event, we will provide you with the following resources for your display:

  • Approximately a 30’ x 30’ area to set your display up with
  • At least one power outlet
  • Ideas & suggestions based on experience, when asked for.

Lights on the River does not provide extension cords, power strips, tape, stakes, or other supplies.  Lights on the River will do our best in making sure your displays are safe and stay the way that they are setup.  Lights on the River will not be held responsible for any displays/supplies/items damaged or lost.

Lights on the River is held outdoors along the St. Lawrence River during a time of the year that has rain, ice, and snow- as well as a variety of temperatures.  Also, the Lisbon Beach & Campground where the event is held is in a location that is susceptible to high winds.  While setting up your display, we ask that you please keep the weather, temperature, and winds in mind.

While creating your display, we ask that you follow the below guidelines designed for your safety and the safety of others:

  • Cover all open electrical outlets
  • Check for broken light bulbs- If found, please replace or cover them
  • Check all extension cords and power strips for any exposed wires- If found, please notify the site foreman, and replace ASAP
  • Due to safety and insurance reasons, standing at your display or walking around is not permissible during the event
  • Do not include the following materials:
    • Cardboard
    • Paper
    • Tarps (unless staked into the ground)
    • Tents
    • Canopies
    • **Indoor Extension Cords**
    • Please be sure your display is G rated
    • Displays need to have a holiday feel to them

Lights on the River volunteers will review displays during the week of the event.  During this time we will make our best effort to ensure your display stays the way it was originally setup.  If at any time we discover any problems, we may need to contact you.  Please be sure that we have contact information for someone during the day and night (during the event).

There is no need to set your display up with a timer or anything that will regulate when it turns on and off.  The Lights on the River volunteers will go around before and after the event each day to turn them on and off.  This also gives us an opportunity to inspect each site to be sure it looks safe.

During the hours that the event is running, 5pm to 9pm, Lights on the River will have maintenance staff available to make sure your display stays the way that you left them.  We ask that if there is something wrong with your display that you want corrected, do not drive out to it and park at it during the event hours.  Check in with the volunteers at the booth, and they will direct you where you can park.  Our staff can then walk out to your display with you to ensure safety.

Important Dates:

  • Setup starts Saturday, December 8th and ends at noon on December 15th
  • Breakdown starts December 24th, and must be completed by January 1st

The Lights on the River contact would be our Site Foreman Jeff Buckingham, and he can be reached at 315-323-3979.  Also, you can contact Jon Santamoor at 315-244-2019.