Lights on the River Announces Community Choice Award Changes

For the past 2 years, Lights on the River has awarded community choice awards for some of the best displays that local organizations & families have setup for the event.  These past winners were able to take home a plaque commemorating not only their win, but all the fun & enjoyment of creating the display and helping a great cause.

This year’s community choice winners will still include a commemorative plaque, but each winner will also go home with a $50 check to reward them for a job well done.  “We know that these families, organizations & businesses spend their own hard-earned dollars to help us create something magical; so our committee wanted to not only recognize them for doing such an awesome job, but also say thank you for putting their own resources into their displays”, added Scott Wilhelm, Lights on the River President.

Another change this year, the public will be able to vote.  The previous 2 years, volunteers from the community have taken their time to go through the displays thoroughly & submit their votes to decide on the community choice awards.  This year there will still be volunteers selected from the community & food pantries to help judge the displays, but the community will also be invited to visit the event, and then go to our website where they will be able to vote on their favorite display.

Past winner Emily DeRouchie-McMahon said, “Our displays have truly been a family effort with each of us contributing our own special touches and even including pieces that are in memory of those family members no longer with us.  Lights on the River has become a tradition in our family and the whole event is magical. Although it is not about ‘winning’ it’s become our goal to create a display that out does the previous years.”

At the inaugural event in 2010, the community choice award went to Emily DeRouchie-McMahon and family.  Then at the 2011 event, the community choice award winners were Ogdensburg Pepsi in the commercial division; Potsdam BOCES students in the non-profit division; and a repeat performance by Emily DeRouchie-McMahon and family in the family & friends division.

If you would like to be a part of this year’s Lights on the River event, please contact Scott at 854-2657, Stephanie at 393-1796 or Amy at 528-5660.  You can also find more information at their website at or on facebook at

Lights on the River, Inc. is a local 501(c)(3) charity whose mission is to help local food pantries.  With the community’s support, Lights on the River has become such a great event for friends & families throughout the area to enjoy.