2012 Display Lineup Announcement – To Displays

2012 Lights On The River Display Lineup

Hello Everyone!

Attached is this year’s display lineup.  In it you will see the site & power box number next to it.  Your site will be marked on stakes along the route and the power box number will be marked on the power boxes set back.  These are not the same numbers.  Please be careful to setup at the right site.  Please do not setup on neighboring displays.  If you can, please keep a few feet of space along the borders of your site.

Power boxes #9 & #11 do not have a number on them.  And power box #13 is set further back.  Power boxes that are TBD will need outlets created for each of them.  You will find these outlets near your sites on stakes.  If you need help finding your power source, please check for a Lights on the River volunteer at the trailer at the entrance to the campgrounds.

PLEASE CONTACT US WITH A SETUP TIME.  We will have all sites marked so they will be easy to find.  But, we’d like to be sure to know when to expect you.  Call or email us at the numbers/email address listed in the lineup so that we can make sure that you’re setup in time for the event. Below are important dates:

SETUP DAYS:  December 8th-15th (until 2pm on the 15th)
EVENT DAYS:  December 15th-23rd
CLEANUP DAYS:  December 24th-31st

During the event, we may need to contact you regarding any issues or repairs for your display.  Please be sure we have a number that we can reach you at.  If you have given us your daytime work number, please let us know if you have a cell number that you or someone else could be available at.

Thank you all for being part of our event this year.  Many of you are returning for your second or third year with us.  This year we have 78 displays currently, which is absolutely phenomenal!  We have more than tripled from our first year, and without friends, families, organizations & businesses like yours, we couldn’t create an event that would help so many people in our communities.  So, thank you for all your time & effort that you have put into your displays.  We cannot wait to see how beautiful they all are.

If you have any questions, please feel free to email or call us.  You can reach us at either Hank (323-0201) or Scott (854-2657), or email at info@lightsontheriver.org.


Take care & Merry Christmas!!!